Former Rams cheerleader Amy Holland Pennell now taking Hollywood’s cue


She’s already built up an impressive resume on the theatrical scene, making appearances on “NCIS: Los Angeles” and “Scandal.” She has two films slated for release this year (“The Importance of Doubting Tom” and “Game Day”).

She’s already built up an impressive resume on the theatrical scene, making appearances on “NCIS: Los Angeles” and “Scandal.” She has two films slated for release this year (“The Importance of Doubting Tom” and “Game Day”).

These are just stepping stones for former Los Angeles Rams cheerleader Amy Holland Pennell. As a full-fledged actor these days, Holland Pennell, is seeking to take her thespian career to the next level. Being part of the Rams cheerleading team when the team was based in St. Louis, Missouri, gave Holland Pennell the right platform to embark on her performing journey.

She understands what the 400 participants was going through during the initial cheer audition that took place at USC’s Galen Center on Saturday, April 2. She can identify thought the process of the 80 women who survived the first round of cuts and had to go through a second round of performing in front of judges the very next day.

She also gets the countdown to the final audition, one that includes a sit down interview, a talent contest and swimwear competition. It’s a pretty intense process if one has the ambition to try to become an NFL cheerleader.

The big deal about the Rams is that they are officially back in town, sort of. After a 21-year absence that saw the franchise vacate their Orange County residence (Anaheim) to move to St. Louis, the Rams have made Southern California home again.

Only this time the team will occupy the Los Angeles market which involves temporary and permanent stays at the Los Angeles Coliseum (three years) and Inglewood, respectfully. The team’s first order of business was getting their cheerleaders in place.

The heavy football-related activities come later in April (OTAs and NFL Draft). In the meantime, the Rams have put their foot forward in getting their organization stabilized, beginning with the cheer auditions, a two-day event that lasted eight hours apiece. The final audition competition is scheduled to take place April 17 at the Forum in Inglewood.

Holland Pennell can certainly emphasize what the ladies will be going through during this time period.

“I grew up wanting to be a cheerleader,” Holland Pennell said. ” I’m really excited for these young ladies that are going to have this opportunity in Los Angeles because it really is a life-changing experience. I had an opportunity to cheer in the Super Bowl In New Orleans (Super Bowl XXXVI). I got to cheer in that Super Bowl, and then I cheered in the Pro Bowl as well, so I got to meet young ladies from all over the NFL, and that was an incredible experience as well.”

Being a cheerleader is a lot more than meets the eye. The glamour and the pom-poms of the cheerleaders are put aside from Game Day so that they become ambassadors off the field for the franchise. Community involvement is a staples for all NFL teams. The brunt work is usually done by the cheerleaders.

When the cheering stops and the lights become dim, the cheerleaders usually focus their energy with making appearances at places such as Children’s Hospital, charitable events surround the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Dress For Success and Nurses for Newborns.

This is where the real work is done, Holland Pennell said. “Ninety percent of what the women do is community activities,” Holland Pennell said. “With that outreach in the community, that experience really did impact my life in a huge way.”

Another avenue that has impacted Holland Pennell in a big way is her background in the arts. She was involved in the arts at an early age. You might say she was born into performing. Her mother drew up and orchestrated musicals while her father concentrated on working with local theater.

As for Holland Pennell, it was natural for her to get involved in acting at an early age. As you can see, where Holland Pennell is today didn’t occur because of happenstance. The four-year Rams cheerleader member, who has a bachelor’s degree in theater and a bachelor’s degree in communications, was sort of thrown in the theatrical fire so to speak.

Her stint with the Rams, which includes three years as captain of the cheerleader squad, propelled her Hollywood trajectory. Hosting television shows while with the Rams didn’t hurt.

“I grew up on stage,” Holland Pennell said. “My mom choreographed musicals and my dad directed community theater. I, from a young age, knew I wanted to be an actor…They (Rams)really helped me as far taking that first step in front of the camera. I own them for that, definitely. But it’s great being out here and doing what I love to do.”



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