As part of the Peanuts character take-over kick-off Saturday at Knott's Berry Farm, Lucas, 9, Nolan, 5, and their dad Tony wore their yellow Charlie Brown shirts.

Calling all Peanuts fans for “Charlie Brown Look-alikes”

By Loreen Berlin

The official kick-off of Knott’s Berry Farm’s “Peanuts Celebration – Good Grief Charlie Brown” began over the weekend and will continue weekends through Sunday, Feb. 25, along with President’s Day, Monday, Feb. 19.

It’s an all-new “Seasons of Fun” event dedicated to celebrating the beloved Peanuts characters,¬† inviting park guests to get an inside glimpse of Charles Schulz’s comic strip characters that have taken over the entire theme park for the very first time.

The park looks very festive with colorful balloons and kites in the trees near the Calico Mine Stage area where lots of other activities take place too.

Sunday, Feb. 4, there will be a Charlie Brown look-alike opportunity to help make the Guinness Book of World Records on the Calico Mine stage at 1 p.m. sharp. There will be many season-pass holders and regular visitors gathering on stage in the Charlie Brown iconic yellow T-shirt with the black zig zag stripes at the bottom to be counted among the largest group of Charlie Browns at Knott’s Berry Farm. It’s for “Good Ol’ Charlie Brown.”

Saturday was an all-day experience for guests to participate in a trip to Beagle Bonanza on the Grand Sierra Railroad, and to meet a brand-new Peanuts character, “Pig Pen,” in the livery Barn and have a photo snapped with him.

At the Bird Cage Theatre, youngsters were instructed how to draw Peanuts characters while watching Charlie Brown and Peanuts TV specials, and there was a “Peanuts Sketch School” in a separate building, with an overhead projection of Peanuts characters for people to try their hand at drawing.

Larger-than-life-sized Peanuts characters interacted with guests in the park throughout the day, giving high-fives to some and pausing for photos with others as well as playing hopscotch with youngsters.

Entering the park, guests could have their photo taken with a cut-out of Snoopy and/or Charlie Brown before setting out on their new adventure.

The event was attended by people who live close by as well as those who traveled from far distances, some out-of-state, to participate in the kick-off, some on business trips, stopping to let children participate in the Peanuts sketching and other events¬† from the Peanuts Cowboy Jamboree in Calico Park, Lucy and Charlie’s Balancing Act in Camp Snoopy Theatre and Lucy and Sally’s Fiesta Fantasy on the Fiesta Plaza Stage, to name a few.

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Leia, 5, and Dinah, 2, visiting Knott’s Berry Farm from Mission Viejo, take a moment to have their picture taken in the Livery Stable with new Peanuts character “Pig Pen.”
This San Diego family of five said they are big fans of Charlie Brown and so donned their yellow t-shirts with the iconic black zig zag at the bottom for the Peanuts Characters takeover at Knott’s Berry Farm. Pictured from left are Miranda, 3 (sleeping); Tatiana, 10; Vanessa Rodriguez; David, 2; and David Rodriguez.


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