Dina Mabe’s Valentine artwork was on display at the Sugar Plum Festival

Thousands of California residents traveled to the Buena Park Mall to visit the Sugar Plum Festival’s Valentine’s Day celebration. The event once again showcased the greatest crafts, art, and food around. The air within the venue was filled with the sweet aroma of baked goods, perfumes, colognes, and flowers.

“I love it,” exclaimed festival CEO Camilla Richter. “It is always good to be back in Buena Park. I hope that we can still keep coming back.”

Richter and her band of artistic entrepreneurs have been delighting Buena Park residents for decades. Every time they come to town, they usher in a large crowd.

Richter pointed to a sign that reads, “Be the reason that someone smiles today.”

It is a sign that one of the vendors made themselves and put up for sale.

“That sign is our motto,” explained Richter. “That quote is what we live by here at the Sugar Plum Festival. It is great to be able to put on a Valentine’s Day show for the public. It is nice to see all of the red hearts, and the many elements that make people happy like being in love. The music here at the venue makes it really nice also. I love all of the red and pink colors too.”

Many classic love songs filled the building as people shuffled through the aisles. There were young lovers, seasoned married couples, mothers with their children, and various other sights that exemplified the emotion that embodies the holiday.

Vendor Dina Mabe said, “I love the city of Buena Park. I love the Sugar Plum Festival because it showcases high standards. This causes it to be an overall high quality show. When shoppers here come to see us, they know that they are getting a high quality product. I even try to personalize items for my customers; my goal is to help people end up with the product that they really want. I do this to help better connect with the public. The main objective is to just be a good listener, and to guide your customers into making the decision that is best for them personally.”

The spirit of Valentine’s Day is another concept that excites Mabe during this time of year.

“I think that the fact that Valentine’s Day follows Christmas, we then have the gift of Christ, and therefore the greatest gift is His love for us…it is only fitting.”

Another artist, vendor, and entrepreneur, that really dazzled the event goers at this year’s Sugar Plum Festival was Michelle Teeter, as she showcased her items from her business known as “Inscribed On My Heart.” It is her debut appearance at The Sugar Plum Festival, and she was excited to attend. “I love Buena Park and the people here,” says Teeter. “It is my first time at this event, and the customers and the fellow veteran vendors have all been so nice to me.”

She encourages all California residents both near and far to come out and enjoy. “The people here put their heart and soul into their work. They share their heart and love with everybody through their work.”

For more information on Teeter’s business, contact her at 949-842-1594 or see www.inscribedonmyheart.com.

For Ms. Mabe’s business, call 714-928-1028 or email dinaspaintparties@gmail.com.



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