Anaheim students succeed in spelling bee


Eighteen outstanding scholars from all nine district schools participated in the annual Magnolia School District Spelling Bee, which took place on Wednesday, Jan. 31. The two top spellers from each school participated in this exciting competition at the Juliette Low School of the Arts, coordinated by Principal Dr. Debra Von Sprecken.

The spelling skills of the student contestants were certainly impressive: during 18 rounds, students tackled words such as “generous,” “ridiculous,” and “diagnosis.” Maegan Diente, sixth-grade student from Juliette Low, earned firs place; Anthony Chuong, fifth-grade student from Robert M. Pyles Stem Academy earned second place; and Simon Nguyen, sixth-grade student from Juliette Low earned third place. Since Diente and Nguyen are the two top sixth grade students, they will represent the Magnolia School District at the upcoming Orange County Spelling Bee on Feb. 26. Winners will also be honored at an upcoming School Board meeting.



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