Anaheim man convicted of assault on police officer


A man was convicted recently of assault on La Habra police officers for wielding an axe when they responded to his residence for a welfare check.

On July 4, 2017, at approximately 8:30 a.m., Dan James Schuneman of Anaheim contacted the La Habra Police Department (LHPD) and was extremely upset.

Six LHPD officers responded to the defendant’s residence for a welfare check.

Schuneman opened the door and brandished a three and a half foot long axe with the word “Pigs” and other phrases inscribed on the handle.

The defendant walked briskly toward the officers with the axe above his head and the blade facing the officers. He ignored commands to stop.

LHPD officers fired a Less than Lethal beanbag round and a Taser at the defendant with little effect.

An LHPD officer fired a single round at Schuneman with a handgun and the defendant was taken to a local hospital to recover from the gunshot wound.

The Orange county District Attorney’s Office will be publishing the results of the officer-involved shooting investigation at the conclusion of the investigation.



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