Juliette Low second graders visit Discovery Science Center


Second graders from Juliette Low School of the Arts traveled to The Discovery Science Center on Valentine’s Day this year to experience hands-on scientific learning. The students enjoyed exhibits such as an earthquake simulator, a wind tunnel, and a rock-climbing wall. Students also learned about wave patterns, how a tornado is formed, and how a pulley system works as they hoisted themselves into the air.

They had an amazing time in the hockey section of the Discovery Science Center where they felt cold hockey ice, used a real hockey stick to hit a puck into a goal, and attempted to lift the weight of a hockey player’s gear. To top it off, they sat in the driver’s seat of a zamboni.

While participating in a recycling demonstration, students sorted products found in landfills. They also shopped in a simulated market, where they pushed shopping carts, located items on a list, and scanned and purchased healthy foods.

The highlight of the Discovery Science Center experience was the 3-D movie about the animals of the Galapagos Islands. Students reacted with cheers of delight as spiders and iguanas crawled and moved towards them during the 3-D presentation.

The interactive experience, along with highly informed science leaders, made the Discovery Science Center an enriching and exciting study trip for the second graders at Juliette Low School of the Arts.

The Discovery Science Center made for a fun and educational Valentine’s Day outing.
Students play at The Discovery Science Center


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