After four years of association with the Anaheim Fall Festival, the Miss Anaheim Fall Festival Scholarship program is joining Anaheim Beautiful. The announcement was made at Anaheim Beautiful’s quarterly luncheon held on March 7. The change comes as the Anaheim Fall Festival Board of Directors is looking to focus their efforts on the Fall Festival and Halloween Parade, a 95-year tradition. Anaheim Beautiful is pleased to form this new association that will begin with the 2018-2019 court selected in September of this year.

According to Debbie Herman, founder and director of the Miss Anaheim Fall Festival Scholarship program, heading into their fifth year and joining with the Anaheim Beautiful organization is pretty exciting.

“The girls have supported many Anaheim Beautiful programs over the years, including the past three years serving as judges for the Holiday Lights Contest,” said Herman. “When looking for a new home for our program, Anaheim Beautiful seemed a perfect match.”

With the shared vision of making a difference through community service, the partnership has a lot of potential. The new court, selected in the fall of 2018, will reign under the title of “Miss Anaheim Beautiful” and continue to provide service to organizations throughout the city as they have in the past. The court will become even more involved in the various programs offered by Anaheim Beautiful including the Margie Hilgenfeld Tree Memorial program, Community Pride, Adopt-A-Neighborhood, Raise the Flag, and others. The new Miss Anaheim Beautiful Scholarship Program doubles Anaheim Beautiful’s focus on education which currently includes the Thelma Jordan Scholarship for Anaheim students pursuing a degree in Urban Environmental Studies.

“The Board carefully considered the addition of this new program and we are very excited to welcome Debbie and the girls into the Anaheim Beautiful fold,” said Sandra Sagert, president of Anaheim Beautiful. “The focus on educating these young women, the hundreds of hours of service they give to the community and the scholarships provided for their futures are program facets that fit right in with what we do.”

According to Herman, the current Miss Anaheim Fall Festival court will continue to serve under that name. The official change will happen in September with a pageant to select the first Miss Anaheim Beautiful court. All fundraising efforts moving forward, including the upcoming Quartermania on Friday, April 27, will support the new 2018-2019 court, as funds have already been raised for the girls currently serving their term.

For additional information, please feel free to contact Debbie Herman by email at or phone 714-264-1014.



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