San Marino Elementary presents its first ever STEM Night for families

By Ruth Ann McMillen

San Marino recently hosted a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) night for their families. On the evening of April 19, over 100 students and their families had an option to rotate through several different activities. Primary students were able to participate in the creation of pinhole cameras, experiment with coffee filter chromatography, and learn the science behind invisible ink and engineering. Upper grade students participated in lessons such as elephant toothpaste, Jello-O earthquakes, strawberry DNA, lava lamps and the science of slime.

“It is our goal to provide enrichment events to our community to engage them and to share some of the innovative things that San Marino does on a daily basis,” shared Principal Dr. Omaira Lee. “I am proud of this STEM event and look forward to growing it into something that will become a community tradition for years to come.”

San Marino staff received rave reviews from parents, students and the teachers who participated. All the staff and volunteers involved were very excited about the response and are eager to start working on next year’s offerings.



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