Perfect attendance nets students rewards


Savanna Elementary School District celebrates

By Loreen Berlin

Savanna Elementary School District, located in Anaheim, celebrated the “perfect attendance” recently of 400 of its students in Central Park, located in Stanton.

This is the first year the school district has taken its primary students on a field trip for perfect attendance, and each student had to earn the privilege from Nov. 27 through March 30, which included no absences and no tardiness, unless those were made up during a Saturday School.

“The City of Stanton was phenomenal; they have an amazing staff that came out to Central Park with staff members and volunteers to organize and run all of the activities for our students, said Savanna School District Superintendent Dr. Sue Johnson. “We’re so grateful to them for their partnership with us; they are a real blessing.”

Each of the four different schools involved, Hansen, Holder, Cerritos and Reid, had T-shirts and a wristband of different colors to identify each school group and each of the students got to participate at 15 different game stations. Some of those stations included Soccer with Gold Medalist and World Cup Soccer Olympian Joy Fawcett; Stanton Library held a reading activity, the Boys & Girls Club of Stanton offered an art project and there was a basketball, a hula hoop game, a freeze dance, relay games and a clothes-pin game. Other activities included frisbee golf and a parachute game as well and the Illumination Foundation was also involved, as well as a nutrition area where students learned more about healthy foods such as spinach, tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, celery, proteins and grains, to name a few.

Entering Central Park, each student was given a small packet of wholegrain baked Goldfish to munch on while students listened to an orientation so they would know which order of stations they would visit.

The Savanna School District, with 2,400 students, has students K-3rd grade and 4th-6th grades. The older students will be celebrating their perfect attendance at John’s Incredible Pizza in Buena Park within a few days.

Lunch was a barbeque lunch followed by popsicles, and an Orange County Sheriff police car was onsite for students to have an opportunity to sit inside.

It took nine different school buses to transport the high achievers to their reward of fun activities.



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