Angels rank among best teams for fan giveaways


By Brooklynn Wong

According to new analysis by Custom Ink, the Angels rank favorably amongst other Major League Baseball teams in terms of giveaways and fan relations.

They ranked number one of 30 in number of jerseys given out to fans, with eight jersey giveaways over the course of the season.

They came in second in teams with the most fireworks, with 14 firework nights. In the category of MLB teams with the most giveaways, they still made it in the top third at number ten. In the other two categories studied, the Angels ranked 22nd in MLB teams with the most special events, and 25th in MLB teams with the most bobbleheads.

The Angels’ season begins tomorrow, and the team will make its way back to Anaheim for the home opener on Monday, April 2 for a game against the Cleveland Indians at 7 p.m.


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