Esoteric Astrology as news for July 11-17, 2018


Let Isolation Rule, Yet the Crowd Exists

ARIES: Uranus is your awakener. A great shift in perception begins as you seek more freedom of expression. However, first you’ll feel you cannot speak your mind. Because a new awakening is occurring internally, in your consciousness. You’ll wonder if you must leave all that you love behind. It’s a risk to help create a new world.

TAURUS: You’ll find that events in your surroundings and environments are rushing you forward into the future. You’ll also realize certain elements of your life are no longer available. All things from the past either fall away or become useful in creating the future. Calling upon great spiritual resources, you single handedly construct the new curriculum needed for humanity’s survival and education.

GEMINI: There may be need at some time for a change in environments, work, friends, groups and your entire social circle. You may require a new life, new ideas and studies that apply the astrological and esoteric to your daily life. Change will be needed for life to make sense. This will be a new path to be taken, new rules and guidelines.

CANCER: Following orders seems difficult and you will resist anyone with authority. This is good sometimes and not so good other times. You’ll learn to discern and discriminate whom to trust. Attempt to observe yourself more directly. Notice how creative you are. People look to you for information continually emerging from your experiments. In the world, you are seen as a bit unusual to radical.

LEO: Will you be traveling soon? If so know that interesting and unusual events may occur, you’ll encounter new ways of thinking creating expansive, open-minded, utopian thoughts on community. Traditions fall away and gradually, over time you become unconventional, adapting ways of being that comfort you. Education, travel, study, religion, mountaineering, philosophy, politics, justice.

VIRGO: Shared resources, taxes, loans, insurance, and/or values (also shared with another close to you) may tilt sideways and be shaken up in your life. This creates the need to rebalance, choosing your own values and finding your own money to pursue what’s most important. You’ll ponder deeply before venturing forth into uncharted territory and unusual relationships.

LIBRA: Everyone and everything may feel unpredictable. You may change your view of relationships and feel you cannot rely on others for things you hope and expect. There could be a sense of limitation, creating a challenge to break free. You or your partner may become rebellious, act in surprising ways. Sometimes you’re on your own. In some ways, yes you are. It redefines you. Reach out.

SCORPIO: Everything in daily life and work may feel like their being taken apart and shaken up. You feel the need to loosen yourself from previous ways of thinking, beliefs, and relating. You also need to tend to health. The years ahead will be influenced by what you think and do now. Disruptions can be looked upon as reasons to create a new rhythm. Bring forth your deep inventive nature.

SAGITTARIUS: Don’t be surprised should you experience sudden changes in ideas leading to creativity. Don’t be surprised if you’re attracted to a totally different type of person, place or way of life. Don’t be surprised if you work really hard at loosening any obstructions and inhibitions and they fly away like a flock of blackbirds. You want to become different, become eccentric, playful, more childlike, more romantic.

CAPRICORN: Observe your home life. Are changes and subtle fluctuations taking place? Perhaps within you?  Realize that routines may shift, decision-making becomes deeper and more internal, you don’t want anything unusual or hasty to be re-arranged because that would create distractions. You will try new things, create new traditions. But you must also take the time for long restful sleep.

AQUARIUS: You may find yourself easily wearied and things traditional and/or habitual not useful. You seek new realities, new studies, unusual fields of endeavors and concepts. You’re highly creative when speaking and writing. Usual routines begin to break away so a new self-expression can take hold. Visualize all needed changes. This creates outer changes. A new environment, neighborhood expands you.

PISCES: Convert extra money to silver and/or gold. Invest in land, food and essential things needed that sustain the many.  Your values are changing and will continue to change. Income may fluctuate, outlay must be practical. All possessions no longer useful quietly disappear. Do not lament this reality. New, better, greater ones appear. Social life, groups and contacts change, too. It’s for the good, the better and the best. Stay poised, patient and cultivate hope, courage, patience and joy.



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