Esoteric Astrology as news for June 6-13


Uplifting the earth to the kingdoms of beauty

By Risa D’Angeles

Now that the forces invoked during the Three Spring Festival have precipitated into the earth, the NGWS is being asked by the hierarchy to make plans for their distribution in order that humanity is aided and uplifted. We remind ourselves that restoration, enlightenment and reconstruction must begin within and wherever we find ourselves.

While under the influence of Gemini, mutable air sign, humanity encounters much talk, reason, new ideas, revelatory and illuminating. Under Gemini and Mercury, we are asked to choose how we will speak with each other. Our communications can create separations among and with each other, continuing a grave polarity in our country. Or our communications can create harmony in thought, words and speech which uplift the vital fluids, allowing for drops of blessings to stream forth upon everyone. These are Jupiter’s blessings.

Under Gemini, Mercury and Venus, with harmony of communication we help “uplift the Earth to the Kingdoms of Beauty.” Gemini asks us this question. “Why do reason, logic and truth seem to play a diminished role in our private and public discourses?”

Things to come:

Flag Day, Thursday, June 14

Father’s Day, Sunday, June 17

Neptune retrogrades in Pisces, Monday, June 18

Summer Solstice, Sun enters Cancer, Thursday, June 21

Mars in Aquarius retrogrades, Tuesday, June 26

Cancer Solar Festival at full moon time, Wednesday, June 27-28

Independence Day, July 4, birthday of the U.S. as Chiron retrogrades in Aries

Jupiter direct in Scorpio, Tuesday, July 10

Cancer new moon, solar eclipse, Thursday, July 12

Sun enters Leo, Sunday, July 22

Mercury retrogrades, Wednesday, July 25

Leo solar festival, Lunar Eclipse, Friday, July 27

With knowledge, we are able to prepare better.

ARIES: How is communication network at home and with neighbors? Do you need a new phone (with no static), computer upgrade, more reliable technology and sources of information? Mercury, the messenger, sitting in your living room is looking around and assessing just how good is your ability to reach out, have right human relations and make contact. Mercury reminds us that contact releases love.

TAURUS: You will be communicating on a higher, more spiritual level. It has already begun and if you observe yourself each day you notice you are reading, speaking, teaching, thinking, planning, focusing your ideals and opinions, and sending out important messages in all directions. Though it is unusual for this to occur, it is greatly needed for the elimination of all illusions and distortions concerning the truth.

GEMINI: The themes to ponder concern values, resources and money. And with the retro next they will continue and deepen. It is good to answer the following questions: 1) How are your finances? 2) What are your resources? 3) What is of value to you? 4) Are you of value? 5) How and why? Write by hand the answers in your esoteric journal.

CANCER: It’s a good idea, a healthy one, to begin a consistent exercise program carried out each day at the same hour. You might find yourself more excitable and nervous than usual. Exercise calms and diminishes these difficulties, focusing your mental abilities through daily planning. When asked, “What is mine to do this day?” Your answer is, “Exercise.” Keep moving.

LEO: Many internal realities are occurring in the form of thoughts, ideas, revelations, aspirations and plans. In several months some of them will enter form and matter. Is the past presently taking up much of your thinking? Are you missing someone or thinking of people no longer in your life? Speaking with them is still possible. Visualize a line of light from your soul to theirs. Meet them at the center of light. Both hearts then open.

VIRGO: It is good to ponder upon what your ideals, expectations and goals in life are. Are these ideals and goals from your heart or the heart and mind of another? It is good to consider what your ethics and principles are, and what integrity means to you. In terms of principles, in the Aquarian Age there are three principles we are to abide by. Do you know what they are?

LIBRA: Have your worldly plans worked out as expected? Has your daily life improved? For career advancement it is good to gain a greater mastery in something you are interested in. What would that be? All communications at work assume vital importance now. Careful not to make anything too complicated—from foods to exercise to expectations of others’ behaviors. Expectations create disappointments.

SCORPIO: You seek the mysteries of life, the larger view of life and to know the puzzle of how all the complicated various parts fit together. Culture, art, religions, the law, geography, journeys, pilgrimages, the plains, horses and various philosophies call to you. The question always is, what to choose? Do travel here and there, out and about. You need new exposure, new vistas to explore.

SAGITTARIUS: Enter deeply into conversations beyond the self. Allow communication to deepen, so you can think and feel and be serious with someone. Allow it to be intellectual, philosophical and psychological. Allow the encounter to change your ways of thinking. You could discuss the interesting subject of death. What are your thoughts on death? Do you know what the Bardos are?

CAPRICORN: Always come from the heart with those close to you. When speaking with family ask them to listen and not respond. Unless you want responses. Later, ask questions and allow dialogue to flow, back and forth among everyone. It is good to have others’ perspectives. At this time you also need beauty around you. Stand in a field of flowers. Stay within the nature, the most balanced kingdom. It teaches us harmony.

AQUARIUS: Wherever you are, seek fun and friendship. Do not have an attitude of competitiveness or expectations that you will be first. The planets are pulling you back and inward these days. The energies allowed are those of rest, relaxation, laughter, ease, all things comfortable and uncomplicated. If the experiences do not support this, step back into the shadows and observe. Love holds you.

PISCES: Express your deepest thoughts and feelings. Write them down. When possible, communicate to others your wants and needs. If no one is listening, enter the information into your esoteric journal. Draw what you want and need. This is a very creative time. The arts—seeing them, reading about them, visiting museums, ballets, symphonies, botanical gardens, etc.—will strengthen your heart, which times seems sad these days. Maintain prayer and visualizations.



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