Esoteric astrology for Feb. 7-14


by Risa d’Angeles

Aries: You become more attractive and charming and needed in the groups you participate in. The “edge” you carry is your heart on your sleeve, filled with unexpected feelings, diplomatic abilities, magnetic attraction, and keeping-the-peace responses. Participate in art, theatre, and dance; gather ancient artifacts and music. Tend to and care for all parts of the self. Cooperate more.

Taurus: You’re most likely in retreat, seen in meadows, on farms, but often not in crowds. Taurus is not very urbanized. A good thing. They are private, expressing love behind protective veils, in the quietude of home. Venus is your intelligence used in the world where great need calls. Taurus is either the singer or the one who can’t sing. Both express themselves.

Gemini: You think about hopes, dreams, and wishes, joining or forming a group of spiritual friends who share your same esoteric interests. This would make you happy and joyful. Venus, whose light protects you, assists in this endeavor. It would be good to make more contact with Venus, waiting patiently to hear your aspirations. Is there sadness? What is it?

Cancer: Have you found new friends, perhaps one in particular? Do you realize others like you because you have qualities that are likable, knowledgeable, competent, and practical? People welcome the presence you bring to all gatherings. You have a kind and caring sense of authority which allows people to hear and understand all that you say. It’s good to pursue things artistic, herbal, medicinal.

Leo: Anything routine makes you feel caught, caged, and slightly crazy. You must be free, able to pursue travel, journeys, new insights, new realities, new waves of thought streaming through the ethers. Something exotic is happening to the way you express yourself. Attractive before, now you’re magnetic and becoming even more popular. Something you would never consider becomes a possibility.

Virgo: Multiple realities, all connected to unusual endeavors, may appear. Something financial and resourceful comes forth. Sharing power becomes possible because you want to harmonize differences, soothe any chaos or conflict, become intimate in terms of spiritual understanding. If partnered, you realize their goodness in the depth of your heart.

Libra: Venus provides you with wisdom of how to be in a relationship. Love your partner with all your heart and soul. Create deeper intimacy through praise and appreciation. This heals and brings forth unexpected gifts in the relationship. Be intentionally willing to compromise, adapt, and make peace. If single, apply these to friends and family. Everything becomes your relationship.

Scorpio: You have a special task in the coming months. To create and anchor a true harmony in all environments—from work to home to yard to garden to garage to car. Organizing outer harmony will create an inner sense of joy and pleasure. Being successful now means being cooperative, instilling in everyone a team spirit, and having the willingness to understand and serve the needs of others. Try.

Sagittarius: You become more charming, playful, and dramatic. Even your choice of music, play, friends, and food reflects this. Are children around? They will reflect this also, especially the dramatic parts. Your self-expression enters a Venusian phase of creativity. There’s so much to be cheerful about. So much fun to have. So many dramatic situations to enter! So much love to share.

Capricorn: Your almost entire focus is the archetype of home and family. You seek antiques and ancient artifacts, are nostalgic for the traditional, value color, dance, art, and books in your home. You study how to build a greenhouse attached to the house, growing veggies and fruits for the family. You are calm and serene. Home is your value, your holiness, and your beauty.

Aquarius: We find you talking a lot these days, making plans, being out and about in neighborhoods, possibly talking and working with farmers to bring forth the necessary food for humanity’s well-being. You find many companions along the way agreeing with your values and interests. Know that any ideas you offer to others, they become great ideals within each of them. All you do benefits humanity. Good work. Someone loves you.

Pisces: Contentment is felt in heart and mind. Wherever you are, you feel safe, secure, and in the right place. If concerned about finances, security, and the future, consider buying and investing in gold and silver. Continue to offer yourself in service to others without thought of compensation. Make greater and more contacts, too. Then love is released which creates your present and future well-being.



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