Perfect attendance nets students from the Savanna School District 4th through 6th grades a trip to John’s Incredible Pizza. Seen here are teachers with Savanna School District Superintendent Dr. Sue Johnson, fourth from left, as they give a thumbs-up for a successful trip to enjoy the day with students playing games and eating pizza, enjoying the salad and dessert bars. Savanna Elementary School District, located in Anaheim, celebrated the perfect attendance recently of the 400 upper-grade students.
Students enjoy treats from John’s Incredible Pizza location in Buena Park for their perfect attendance for a whole year in the Savanna School District. Students earned the privilege from Nov. 27 through March 30, which included no absences and no tardiness, unless those were made up during a Saturday school.
Two young boys from the Savanna School District earned a trip to John’s Incredible Pizza in Buena Park for their 100% attendance throughout the school year. Here they smile as they are about to dig into a plate full of pizza.
Savanna School District teacher Phoenix Pineda prepares to hand out John’s Incredible Pizza “Fun Cards” as 4th through 6th grade students head off to the game room to try their hand at Ice Ball, Super Bikes and the Teacup ride, to name a few.


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