Tony’s still got it

Photo courtesy of Segerstrom Center for the Arts

By Brooklynn Wong

Tony Bennett recently paid a visit to Orange County with a performance at Segerstrom Center for the Arts on Friday, June 1. And with the way Bennett moves and croons, it’s easy for one to forget that the legend is 91 years old.

He took the stage to a roaring ovation, and for the next couple of hours belted snippets of all the classics.

Bennett moved around the stage remarkably, dancing and charming his audience in the classy, days-gone-by way that he does.

Though he sang straight through the several snippets without taking time to tell stories or do much else, his music spoke for itself, and his band, the other performers and even things like the lighting helped carry and round out the show.

While one tends to gravitate to his age and the impressive fact that he still does all that he does in spite of it, objectively, Bennett is a man with a great voice who puts on a good show.

Save for the initial awe of Bennett’s first appearing on stage, the show was admittedly a bit hard for a 20-something to get into, and there were not many others in the audience, but those who are of an age to have seen more of Bennett’s career and known him in his prime—which is likely the target audience—seemed delighted with the show and oohed and aahed at almost every song.

Bennett goes to Northern California for a performance this week, before leaving the state.

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