Unique ‘Bubble Playground’ opens in BP

Sofia Herrera, 6, from Buena Park is encapsulated in a bubble in the "Queen’s Castle" at the Bubble Playground at The Source in Buena Park.

By Loreen Berlin

There’s a very unique “Bubble Playground” that just opened in Buena Park where children can learn the science of bubbles while having fun.

And it’s an opportunity for children to experience an interactive bubble experience where they create and play with the bubbles in 10 different types of stations throughout the facility including making bubbles with dry ice.

It’s located at The Source, 6940 Beach Blvd.,  at the northeast corner of Orangethorpe Ave. and Beach Blvd.

The owner, Il Kwon “Harry” Jung, is billed as a “World-renowned Bubble Artist” and “Guinness-Book World Record” holder. He’s noted for making the largest bubble that held 100 people in a single bubble.

Jung is a hands-on owner who demonstrates the different bubbles to the children in attendance, helping them to see how to make the bubbles themselves and he encapsulates the children one-at-a-time inside a huge bubble that he pulls up over their head starting at their toes in the “Queen’s Castle.”

Other cleverly-named stations include The Rabbit’s Cape and the Rainbow Puff where children can make different colored bubbles, to name a few.

In the past, there have been bubble shows that traveled around the United States and into other countries as well; however, they only last for a few days and are generally only once a year; now, there’s a chance to create bubbles all year long at the Bubble Playground and prices are reasonable too.

Jung said he has some upcoming shows planned where he will demonstrate bubbles for children and their adult parent or guardian as they watch; all children must be accompanied by an adult.

Bubbles seem to fascinate all ages; perhaps because bubbles seem so illusive and just out of reach, but with this bubble experience one just may find bubbles actually touching their hands and bursting in front of them.

“All of the equipment in each station has been originally crafted and designed by Jung himself and he uses a safe, non-toxic soap bubble solution that offers a one-of-a-kind experience that’s sure to captivate kids of all ages up to even adults,” said Erika Valdez, a Marketing Associate with
M+D Properties.

“It looks like there’s a lot of attractions and hands-on stations,” said Claudia Herrera of Buena Park who was attending for the first time with her daughter. “We support anything the City of Buena Park does for children,” she said.

Lupe Torres, from Long Beach, said she was just passing by on Beach Blvd. with her granddaughter when they saw the Bubble Playground and decided to stop and have a look.

It’s all indoors so no matter the weather outside, it’s still bubble time inside.

Even the carpet has little round-shaped circles laying atop the carpet for a fun “bubble” feel for children.

Hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 1 to 7 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday, from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Prices range from $5 per child to $12 depending on the day of the week or weekend and there are group rates; admission is for a two-hour span, with an additional $2 charge for each 30 minutes after that.

For information, visit www.thesourceoc.com/bubble-playground.

Sade Martin, 5, gets help from the owner of Bubble Playground Il Kwon “Harry” Jung to make bubbles with both hands at The Source in Buena Park.
On the count of three children blew bubbles together in a group with instruction from The Bubble Playground Owner, Il Kwon “Harry” Jung, pictured in the red shirt in the center of the picture.
Balancing bubbles with a soft touch of the hand is Bubble Playground Owner, Il Kwon “Harry” Jung; children who tried their hand at the bubbles were able to also master this type of bubble.
Bubbles within bubbles are demonstrated by Bubbles Playground Owner, Il Kwon “Harry” Jung while children look on and try their own hand at making bubbles.
Bubble Playground Owner at TheSource in Buena Park Il Kwon “Harry” Jung demonstrates dry ice bubbles for children helping them to make their own dry ice bubbles.
Sade Martin, 5, has fun with bubbles that seem to be everywhere as she learns to make bubbles at the new Bubble Playground at The Source in Buena Park.


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