Young Kim feted at house party with veterans


By Leslie Stoddard

The dynamic and hardworking Young Kim, running for US Representative for the seat of the retiring Ed Royce, was feted recently at a well-attended afternoon party complete with a well-stocked bar and delicious array of nutritious food for the guests. She is endorsed highly by Royce, reiterating his belief that she is the only candidate that he can trust to continue his work to improve the local economy and to focus on Asia-Pacific affairs in Congress.

Kim worked for Royce for over 20 years as the Director of Community Relations and Asian Affairs. She is also an experienced negotiator with countless Asian businesses and VIPs. Her humble beginnings started in Guam, where she grew up. Her parents moved to Honolulu, Hawaii, where she went to high school under the tutelage of nuns. Kim moved to the mainland, to California, and earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Southern California. She married Charles upon graduation, and they settled in La Habra for several years, then moved to their current Fullerton residence.

Kim was elected to the State Assembly as the first Korean-Asian Republican woman to serve in the California State legislature and the first Asian-American to serve in the 65th Assembly District. The 39th Congressional District Kim is running for includes parts of Orange, Los Angeles and San Bernardino Counties. She is one of the most educated and brilliant women in politics today with no personal agenda.

She is also an elegant lady with class. Her experience working with her mentor Congressman Ed Royce for two decades is an outstanding asset and no other candidate in US political history can claim that distinction. She was right behind her mentor when he authored the nation’s first anti-stalker law as a California State Senator and again when his bill had been adopted in 50 states. She was also there when his Amber Alert legislation was passed in 2003.

She saw his accomplishments firsthand with his work as Chairman of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs since 2013. She was still with him when Royce gained prestige and prominence while overseeing relations with Asian and American ally the Philippine Islands. He made a lot of trips to these countries as a hardworking member of the subcommittee on Asian and Pacific affairs. Learning from one of the most likable and astounding politicians of all time has been a godsend for her.

The Susan B. Anthony list endorses pro-life Kim for Congress in the 39th District in 2018. Her platform includes opposing changes to Prop 13 and the Affordable Care Act. She gives her support to the Deferred Action for Children Arrival recipients and the anti-sanctuary city stance taken by the Orange County Board of Supervisors.

Her humble speech before the enthusiastic crowd comprised of three dozen women and two dozen men highlighted her humility and grace.

“Who knew that this little girl from Guam would be blessed to be an assemblywoman then given the opportunity to run for the much-coveted 39th Congressional district?” Kim asked. “But God knew when He planned my life. I feel humbled in front of you but with your support and prayers, we can succeed in this much-contested election with 17 vying for the role.”

The veterans cheered and hovered over this petite candidate, taking out their checkbook to write donations, but Young ever-so-politely told them, “Keep your money; just pray for me.”

Her humble remark drew more love from the women who waited in line for more photos.

The evening ended with the songs “God Bless the USA” and “God Bless America,” with veteran Alan Snow leading the guests into a dazzling patriotic finale to a memorable evening.


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